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Genora Infotech is undoubtedly one of the best companies in India for developing android applications. Searching through the market to employ only the best of the best for developing android apps. Furthermore, it is a known fact that Android is the most popular operating system for smart phones and tablets globally. Currently, the android operating system is trying to move onto other devices like cameras, gaming consoles and televisions.

Mobile APPS in this platform are engineered using JAVA on the Android Software Development Kit. With the ever increasing number of devices and users, our expert Android App Developers on this platform will not only help in make everyday life easy but also plays a vital role in business and industries well.

Our vision

Domain Expertise while
Creating an Android App

  • Apps used for social purposes, like connecting with others
  • Apps for shopping, like mCommerce
  • Apps for music, to collect, upload and share music
  • Apps for business, to connect with others doing something similar
  • Apps for communication, entertainment, geo location.
  • Travel and lifestyle, showing different places visited and the way people live there.

The Added Benefits of
an Android Application

  • User interface designers are very good at what they do
  • Apps go through many rigorous and difficult tests
  • All the coding and programming that is done is following strict guidelines.
  • Apps are created for different cell phone operating systems other than Android, like iOS.

Different Categories
that we can Build for You

  • The very interactive eBook Android application that keeps you attached to it.
  • The Android app created for Music and Videos.
  • The phone and tablet Android app used for Social Networking
  • The Android app for Productivity and Utility
  • And the Android app that help convert between various languages



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